Alexander Ter-Gabrielyan (Senior)

Sad Monuments

On the photo from left to right: sculptor Yervand Gojabashyan (left Armenia in 1970s, lives in US), Alexander Ter-Gabrielyan, Minas Avetisyan

"Sad Monuments": This is the title of a series of memoir-essays by Alexander Ter-Gabrielyan (Senior), published in late 1980s in "Yerekoyan Yerevan" ("Eevening Yerevan", Editor Kamo Vardanyan) and "Avangard" (Editor: Mnatsakan...). The series tells stories about social and cultural leaders who perished in and around 1937 during Stalin's purges. They have been re-published in "Aravot" daily in 2013-2014. Here you can see the first publication of the series (in Armenian).

23:49 September 01, 2014